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Vipp Loft & Shelter

Vipp shelter, lake Immeln Sweden

Vipp shelter, lake Immeln Sweden

Vipp shelter, lake Immeln Sweden



Vipp hotel is not a hotel in the traditional sense. Instead of having many rooms in one location, Vipp offers unique rooms at various destinations, 

A loft in the city of Copenhagen and a unique shelter in the beautiful nature at lake Immeln in Sweden. 

On invitation of Danish Kitchen manufacturer Vipp we recently visited both locations to experience the brand new Vipp Hotel and their kitchen. 

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Vipp Loft, Copenhagen Denmark

Vipp Loft, Copenhagen Denmark

Milano 2018

Hoxton Hotel Amsterdam: Hox How To - Hone Your Eye For Interiors

Hox How To Design event with a pop up store, workshops and panel talks. Our agency w/ Style will take care of the styling and provide you design, interior and special 'selected by' travel inspiration.

Panel talk with the design team of MADE.COM design team and w/ Style owners Desiree Groenendal and Wen van Woudenberg. As they impart their wisdom on striking the perfect balance between form and function. Whether that’s balancing the space symmetrically, asymmetrically or radially, considering where natural light falls against shade, textures that bring points of relief and the way that the space responds to movement, we’ll cover it all!

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