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Milan Design Week - Mosa

Mosa returned to Milan as part of 'Masterly - the Dutch in Milano'. Presenting pure ceramic surfaces, Mosa creates a unique experience that brings together the old and the new, using contemporary tiles i a bespoke spatial installation with a historical twist. Mosa's installation uses mirrors as a reference to Rembrandt's famous numerous self-portraits elaborating on the notion of self-reflection. Using Terra Tones floor tiles and the elements of light and perspective.

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Mosa at Masterly during Milan Design Week: 9-14.04.2019 Palazzo Francesco Turati, via Meravigli 7, Milano 

Photography and styling by w/ Style in collaboration with Mosa, Emma b., Studio Ro Smit

Mosa w/ Style 

We always love to add a personal touch to  each w/ Style collaboration by using the clients products in our own way. For this we styled some stills with a mix of tiles from the Mosa scenes collection and a beautiful Rembrandt self portrait. By creating a table setting, using dark colours, glass and linen, we gave our own take on the Rembrandt theme.

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Photography and styling by w/ Style in collaboration with MosaEmma b.Studio Ro Smit


Vipp Hotel - Loft & Shelter

On a stormy day in January we flew to Copenhagen to experience the Vipp Hotel and kitchen of Danish kitchen manufactures Vipp. The first night we stayed at the Vipp Loft, a city loft apartment of 400m2 consisting of 2 bedrooms, a library, a huge living with a fireplace, a large Vipp kitchen and two different dining spaces.The loft is located on the top floor of the company's offices, in a former printing factory from 1910 at Island Brygge and designed by Studio David Thulstrup. The studio brought back some of the original features and is responsible for the overall design and colour scheme.

Both the shelter and the Loft, the first two rooms of the hotel, are furnished with the Vipp collection, in the loft combined with a few other brands, the kitchen accessories which are mostly black and white are perfectly mixed with different older brownish objects and wooden items all on display in an open shelving in the kitchen area. The brown Kvadrat curtains can be closed to create a cozy dining area while The many plants surrounding the living area with its green couches and By Lassen chairs near the fireplace, add a green touch to the high building.

Copenhagen is one of our favourite cities and we really enjoyed coming home to the loft after  day in town. The spacious feeling of the different area’s, the fireplace, cooking dinner using the all black Vipp kitchen that is a true masterpiece and dream kitchen for us. Being huge Aesop fans, we loved to see different Aesop products in the bathroom and sleeping under the super soft Aiayu bed linen.

The next morning we drove over the bridge to Sweden, a 2 hours ride from Copenhagen leading us to the Shelter at Lake Immeln, the second location of the Vipp Hotel. At the lake, surrounded by only a few homes we found total silence and a path leading us to the waterside and the shelter, it was so amazing to see this black beauty, completely made out of steal surrounded by trees on the banks of Lake Immeln.

The shelter is a 55 square meter one room getaway with a kitchen, dining and living room area, bathroom and a mezzanine bed loft. Windows from floor to ceiling on both sides, including the roof above the bed give you the feeling to be one with nature while experiencing everything Vipp has to offer.  

We still regularly talk about the shelter and our stay being it one of the most amazing places we ever experienced. Heating up the fire and seeing the darkness fall in, the silence, the full moon shining above the lake and the call of the owls at night. The next morning we had breakfast at the huge table, and opened one side of the shelter giving us the possibility to just step out of the window and walk towards the lake Just an amazing experience and the ultimate getaway for a total offline experience you should experience for yourself.

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Malmö Sweden

On invitation of the city of Malmö we travelled to Sweden for a few days to visit South Sweden’s largest city. Malmö is only 20 minutes by train from Copenhagen airport and with our hotel within walking distance from Malmö central station it didn’t take us long to have our first coffee downtown. 

Autumn was visible in the city, not only in the different parks but also in the narrow streets around Lilla Torg, a charming cobblestone square with half-timbered houses and a striking painted commercial wall. In one of the streets around the square we discovered Noir a tiny coffee place with a cozy green terrace with a real French vibe. 

We stayed at the tenth floor of Studio Malmö, part of the Story Hotels, with amazing views over both the city centre and the ocean with the iconic lighthouse. A lively building with different rooms, meeting and workspaces and a large reception, with a self checkout option. There are a few restaurants in the hotel and Salads and Smoothies is great for a healthy snack or light lunch.  Being huge Japanese food lovers we were blessed with rooftop Restaurant & Bar Kasai serving the best Sushi in town. Walking more than 10 kilometers a day and with low temperatures outside during the evening, we couldn’t think of a better way to finish the day then having some wine and try out the different sushi and Japanese specialities in our very own hotel restaurant. 

Selecting some places on forehand gave us enough opportunities to see different parts of town and while walking we discovered Zakka, a beautiful small Japanese concept store with the kindest shop owner we could wish for. Another favourite store we visited is Grandpa, an inspirational Scandinavian lifestyle store with a great welcoming atmosphere, a cool layout and a nice collection of homeware, stationery and both mens and woman fashion. Next door to Grandpa you will find Absmåland what seemed a small store and cafe from the outside turned out to be a large but cozy green shopping experience with a hand-picked range of home interiors and fashion in organic or recycled materials. We loved this area and part of Södra Förstadsgatan street and visited several other stores and did some shopping at Designtorget, a favourite for Scandinavian design. 

Closer to the hotel we visited Interior design store Olsson & Gerthel where we admired the prints of S.Vendin who we got to speak about his work and sculpture heads which, being on huge demand in the area, are about to travel to China. To try out some Swedish specialties we visited Konditori Katarina , since August 1959 they serve high quality pastries and we enjoyed some real sweet tasting including the famous ‘kanelbulle’ with lots of coffee to keep us warm during the chilly afternoon.. 

Malmö isn’t that big and we only took a bus once, it is a city that’s easy to discover by feet and walking through the old town there is so much to see. A bit outside of the touristic area we found Atrium the most beautiful breakfast spot where we had a breakfast we still talk about! Not only the food was delicious, the cafe, mostly visited by locals, was so well curated, with a tiny two table vide and a separate large minimalistic room decorated with plants and beautiful lamps. 

Atrium is worth a visit and excellent to combine with a visit to Ribersborgs Kallbadhus which is on walking distance. We can only imagine how it will be during Summer to walk along and swim in the sea, from here you could see Malmö with its iconic Turning Torso, a residential skyscraper and the tallest building in Scandinavia, at one side and the bridge we passed to reach Malmö from Copenhagen on the other side. The Bathhouse is a stunning piece of architecture that extends into the sea. At Ribersborgs you can take a sauna baths with stunning sea views, ice cold sea baths in wintertime and swim in summertime but also take a massage.

After a the cold experience it was time for a lunch break and we headed for Saluhall an indoor food market located in an old train station. It has a great industrial vibe and like most  food markets there were many options to choose from. 

We loved discovering a new city and would like to thank the city of Malmö for having us and experience it in our own way. See how we and others experienced this friendly city by using  #MakeitMalmö and visit  to learn more before visiting. 


By Wirth

We love to travel and are always on the look for new accessories to make life on the road more easy. We recently discovered the leather ‘Carry my Pouch and Carry my Ipad’ by By Wirth Both products are an example of the clean and functional design by Wirth stands for and will fit into any style as well as help you being organized when travelling or simplify a busy everyday life. 

The Carry my pouch is great for travelling and can carry the most important necessities when being on the road, your passport, passes, business cards and phone. Home it can be used in the same way or function as a small school or make up pouch. 

Bringing lots of notes, a city map and our agenda’s, the Carry my iPad with its many practical features was the perfect sleeve to stay organized and keep everything in one place. The material is rich in natural leather with rough edges, and the design is designed with as few stitches and details as possible. 

No wonder our Japanese friend from Zakka was really interested to learn more about by Wirth! It was the clean and almost Japanese simplicity that first caught our eye too. Both products come in black leather and a bright untreated core leather that will eventually have a beautiful, cognac-colored patina.

For our next trip we are already in contact with some great brands, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you  have a product that would fit our travel page?


Alexandra Hotel Barcelona

Hotel Alexandra Barcelona is a designer boutique hotel where fascinating history meets modern details and avant-garde. Designer furniture from the ‘50s and ‘60s and local photography in both public spaces and the rooms combined with original mosaic flooring, framed ceilings and natural oak details. A perfect mix of Spanish hospitality and design with a Scandinavian touch.

The hotel, part of the Curio Collection by Hilton, offers 109 rooms of different styles and categories and 4 exclusive suites for holding all kinds of conventions, meetings and banquets. All completely equipped with the best service and technology. Alexandra Barcelona offers excellent dining experiences including a Catalan gastronomic breakfast buffet with local quality products, a two-floor brasserie featuring ingredients grown in their own vegetable garden, a Charcuterie bar with Catalan specialties. We stayed in a beautiful big room with a balcony looking over the green trees, a spacious bay window and a beautiful white bath in the room itself, the view over the roofs from the balcony bath was even more stunning.

Located in one of our favourite areas on Carrer de Mallorca in Eixample and close to the Passeig de Gràcia, the fashion, culture and commercial heart of the city, it was the perfect spot to discover more of Barcelona. Visiting one of the beaches of Barcelona, but also going a bit further to a smaller town, more south, along the coast for a day. Spain can be really hot and luckily the Alexandra hotel has a swimming pool for guests next to the cozy restaurant and patio area if you do not want to go to the beach or need to stay around the hotel. 

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Cotton House Hotel Barcelona

The Cotton House hotel is located on the former site of the ‘Cotton Textile Foundation’ A 19th- century building centrally situated within walking distance from several tourist attractions, and only a few steps away from shops and restaurants. We were welcomed by the lovely team and were really impressed by the beautiful entrance of the building, a vestibule covered in mirrors. The building is really elegant with several great rooms and lounges where the bar and restaurant are located, a luminous glass conservatory and a 300 sqm terrace filled with beautiful greens. Impressive stairways lead to the old library and the so called L’Atelier which was the office to which guild-members withdrew so that their tailors and shirt-makers could take their measurements. 

The Cotton House recovers the essence of this tradition by offering its guests an artisanal tailor service provided by the professionals of Santa Eulalia, the most prestigious tailor establishment in Barcelona. A tailor from that firm will come to the Atelier to take guests measurements, advise and select unique fabrics of the highest quality to make the desired garments. The decoration of the 83 rooms, including five spacious suites, is inspired on cotton through a chromatic combination of the white, black and sepia of the cotton plant and everything it evokes: softness, comfort, delicacy and naturalness, which are materialised in the fabrics and textures of the very highest quality.

It was really warm when we were in Barcelona and it was great to start the day with a breakfast in the beautiful garden. What we loved most about our stay though was the early morning swim in the exterior pool located at the sixth floor and seeing the city wake up before breakfast.

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Milano 2018


Travel selection - Hoxton Hotel Amsterdam

Design event with a pop up store, workshops and panel talks. The festival day is part of the global series #HoxHowTo, by the Hoxton Hotels. Our agency w/ Style took care of the styling and provided design, interior and special 'selected by' travel inspiration in collaboration with Frama, Moebe, Paper Collective, SPRDLX, Miscellaneous, Just Right, Pillah, Leff Amsterdam, Elle Decoration, Marie Stella Maris and Nomess  This also included an inspiring panel talk with the design team of MADE.COM.  

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